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TSC was born in West Marion, North Carolina and grew up on Grayson Street. As young kid he was a major Micheal Jackson fan he use to know all his dance moves all his songs as he got older he grew to be a big fan of Tupac Shakur. As time went on he started putting together music in his room later on went and got a karaoke machine, although he didn't use it as a typical karaoke machine it was used it to record his demo's, then later moved on to track machines. After joining the Army in 2000 a fellow soldier gave him insight that there was a better way of recording through the computer, he gave him much needed software to practice with so he vigously spent hours on end sharping his talent through the software learned the software and I mean EVERYTHING about the software. When he started want to learn how to produce beats people were funny acting because beats were not readily available as they are now, the internet was not as used as it is now, producers .They were only a handful of them and not everyone knew a producer, as he would go to a studio to record songs he would watch them produce a beat and he would watch and learn and go home and try to mimic what they had did earlier but it would never come out the same for him so in turn he perfected his own style. After leaving the military he set out on his own trying to build his own label after being approached by Diddy he choose to do it own his own but without the experience and the know how and resources he then had to recruite local talent through them he was able to grow in management, artist development, damage control, performing and building a fan base, he credit some of his success to them. He moved to Atlanta where quickly after getting there people were asking for his production and writing skills, he was a ghost writer for a few acts in Atlanta then he came across a company called Talent Unlimited where someone from Atlanta came across his music and production and gave them his music they then called him down to 121 Lucky Street in downtown Atlanta where he was told several major acts at the time were interested in his beats which ended up being Paul Wall the song called " Oh Girl" also Playas Circle which was co produced by M16 the song " Duffle Bag Boy" this led to a song he produced for Diddy but did not get credit for his work in the song " Come to Me" they gave it to Young Gunz which he was currently signed at the time to Bad Boy's production team which led him to meeting Conrad. After a run in with some bad luck it seemed he then took a break personally for himself, the break was well needed because he started focusing his attention on his group T3 which he was representing, they had two offers on the table at one time one was from So So Def and Phat Cat Records the label that Gucci Mane came out with, they chose So So Def because Jermaine Dupree and his father Mr. Maulding approached them on 1350 Spring Street in Atlanta , which they wanted to sign T3 to a deal but without an advancement it was for a six month term but they had ended up signing Dem Franchise Boys which they did not know at the time which kept them from getting an advancement, the former Manager of Dem Franchise Boys introduced them to Rico Brooks the manger of Young Joc at the time which led T3 to a chance meeting wit The Block Entertainment they wanted to sign T3 immediately but the week before they was supposed to sign Bad Boy dropped The Block Entertainment from there distribution deal witch ment they had no more backing. T3 decided they wanted to push forward for themselves, they ended up getting on the radio in 12 states and getting about 60 shows which led to a meeting at Atlantic Records with Gene Nelson, things were then looking up again. In closing after a four year wait and pushing from his fiancé' he decided to get back into recording wit his on music .with the great overwhelming response to his music things are looking up and he is very happy with his work, progress and accomplishments gained throughout his whole experience.
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